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Spurn Point Visitor's Centre

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust engaged mass architecture as part of an invited competition to produce concept designs for a new visitor centre at Spurn Point.

Spurn Point, a narrow strip of land at the end of the Humber Estuary on the east coast, is an internationally renowned location for bird spotting, a SSSI and a heritage site.

One of the key challenges for the project was that due to the unique pattern of coastal erosion and depositing in this location, the land would shift over the lifetime of the project so that the coastline would eventually recede past the line of the building. This led to the need for a 'demountable' building so that the asset created would not be worthless to the YWT in 30-40 years time.

Our design utilised fibre cement cladding, a soft sandy material in appearance, but one that is very hardwearing.
A concrete base structure would be created that echoed some of military bunkers on the Point, that could be 'sacrificed' and the superstructure dismantled and relocated.