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This project sought ideas for an Eco-Retrofit of terraced housing in Sunderland.

The existing accommodation does not comply with current Space Standards requires considerable updating to facilitate inhabitation by older users and wheelchair users and extended families.

Our proposal looks at how the existing block can be reconceived as a way of accommodating different combinations of family unit and individuals.
The existing block comprises of 4 x 2-storey units. We have developed 4 types of unit that can be combined in 6 different ways within the block.
The unit ‘Types’ are designed to cater for a large family with dependants, old or young, through to individuals and/or couple

All of the new unit types retain direct access from the ground floor and are dual aspect. The different combinations would lend variety to the external appearance of the block. Equally, the unit types have a degree of autonomy that provides flexibility to alter the size of the original block itself by adding further units.

The key considerations for the eco-retrofit design proposal were

- reduce heat loss through installation of external render system
- reduce heat loss through installation insulation above and between the roof joists
- prevent over heating by super insulating and enhanced ventilation
- maximise daylight though allowing increased amounts of light through roof / energy efficient lighting
- renewable energy generation through use of 9-12m2 high efficiency photovoltaic panels to each ‘roof fin’
- air source heat pump to be used in combination with PV’s and UFH system/radiant panels
- reduce material miles / reduce travel distances by looking to specify as locally as possible
- recycle and reuse the external fabric, existing openings and roof/floor joists as much as possible
- Conserve Water - collect and reuse rainwater within the garden
- water saving appliances within the dwelling